Woodworking Making Hand Cut Mitered Dovetails Dovetail Joinery

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I usually play these videos at accelerated speed but ma man already did a solid. Also as a carpenter I can respect his craft work here. Very precise with the chisel. No glue either. Jus needs a sander or paper n block to smooth out the edges n bang.Beautiful work! I sub’d a few videos back, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing craftsmanship. As a beginner, I really appreciate all your help.Nice work sir plz keep it up sir. Sir I am watching all vedios of u and I have learn something from your video because I am a carpenter sir I have YouTube channel and I am not groing on you tub sir give ma a shout out make my dream sir my god bless uplz sir.Excellent demonstration. It would be worthy to show a complete video making a good sized box with this joinery, using nice hardwoods, all the way to the finish. With your skills, it would be a masterpiece

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