Wood Turning Golf Tees

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Hat was a freaking unique idea for sure, and something I could imagine for sale in a Golf Resort Gift-shop. When I saw the thumbnail caption, I briefly imagined you were going to MAKE golf tees by turning them on the lathe.
Also, I could see that with a finished top on it, being a great Beer Stein for those who drink beer, though obviously not with the rough finish of having all the tees poking out. HA! Of course for those who don’t drink beer, like myself, it would also be great for a large Margarita! One thing I would like to have most for my wood crafting is The Wood turning tool! Omg you are just a god of wood turning! I’ve had such a hard time making mine but your videos just make so wanna buy it!
Making this vase out of golf tees was fun, but it’s probably my last sporting equipment woodturning project for a while. You’d be surprised how much a golf tee can sting when it ejects at 1000 RPM! It’s not the prettiest vase I’ve made, but I still think it’s cool seeing the tees suspended in resin.

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