Violence in China: 5,000 pets found dead in logistics warehouse

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In China, the killing of live animals such as rabbits, cats and dogs in a warehouse for a week caused reactions.

At least 5,000 pets were found dead in a logistics facility in the city of Luohe in the Henan region.

It was stated that among the pets found in cardboard or metal shipping boxes, there were rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs, and the animals were left without food and water for about a week.

“It was clear that they died from hunger and waterlessness”

Hua, the founder of the animal rescue group “Utopia”, described the environment he encountered as “hellish”, saying, “The facility was full of shipping boxes filled with thousands of animals that had already died. The whole place smelled of rotten body. “It was very clear that they died of hunger and thirst”.

It was stated that Hua and his accompanying 20 volunteers rescued approximately 200 rabbits, 50 cats and dogs and were taken to veterinary clinics in critical condition.

It is estimated that Chinese law prohibits the transportation of live animals in regular packaging, and the animals may have been abandoned in the warehouse for days after the logistics company refused to sign the shipment.

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