Tree Cutting Fails Compilation And Idiots With Chainsaw ! Dangerous skills Tree Falling

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Love the French bloke up the ladder, one handed with a ground saw right by his head and comes clean off the ladder, classic fail. I pissed my self laughing. Definitely a Darwin award.I have nothing but admiration for people mixing huge heights, ladders, chain saws and live trees. The 3rd fella must have broken every bone in his body hurtling to the ground for his moment in the comedy spotlight. I do hope he survived preferably with a severe limp and impaired vision so his grand children can say “no he wasn’t in the war but there was a big tree, a ladder and a chain saw.I just noticed how that guy’s leg was snapped. It’s bent from where the break is in the lower leg, and is hanging an angle. If he was by himself when this happened without anyone to call to for help, he was in serious trouble to get inside and get to a phone (unless he had one in his pocket.) Regardless, he had to somehow get down the ladder by himself anyway, with a worthless leg and in terrible pain.

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