Top 5 Bushcraft Projects at My Log Cabin Camp | Overview of a 30 Day Summer Expedition

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My family has experience with this unpleasant part of humanity also. We had a comfortable cabin in the middle of a treefarm, and have always left the cabin open and stocked for wanderers and explorers. We left kindling, firewood, LP gas, canned food, clean water, bedding and even some cards and board games in case someone wanted to spend the night. About 8 years ago, some low quality person(s) discovered it and ransacked it over the next few years. They stole a full 200 gallon propane tank, anything that had any value that they could carry, including firewood that they had to hike out. One of my neighbors confronted one of them while he was carrying the firewood out. Mindblowingly foolish… Firewood all over the woods and this fellow was carrying armloads from the cabin 1/3 mile through the woods. The ransackers went so far as to break every window out, remove the door from the hinges, and roll the woodstove through the opening and out onto the ground. There was much more damage than is worth typing out or reading about… Just know that if it could be broken, stolen, or ruined in some way, they did it.
To answer the question “Why can’t we have nice things?” I offer this answer… There is a small minority of humans who intentionally ruin the efforts of the rest of humanity for no benefit to anyone.

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