The fattest bear was chosen

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The “747” bear, located in the US’s Alaska State, in the Stevei National Park and Conservation Area, was chosen as the “fattest bear” among 2 thousand 200 brown bears within the scope of “Fat Bear Week”, which has become an international sensation.

In the US state of Alaska, a brown bear named “747” won first place within the scope of “Fat Bear Week” with a weight of 453 kilograms.

747 users, one of the more than 2,200 bears in the Katki National Park and Reserve, were selected after a week-long online voting.

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In the statement made by the park, it was stated that the 747 deserved the championship, “This year he really gained weight, he looked fat enough to hibernate in July and he still continues to eat despite his stomach being dragged on the ground.”

Authorities added that they are organizing “Fat Bear Week” for people to have fun access to information about nature and Alaska.


Klasi’s bears usually weigh over 450 kilos from the summer feast, but lose one-third of their body weight during hibernation. The fatter the bears, the more likely they are to survive.

A 4 million-acre park that spans mountains, lakes, streams and coastlines, Katiei is home to the world’s densest brown bear population.

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