REAL SIZE WOODEN BEAR, amazing chainsaw wood carving

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It is a great woodworking art. I love these kinds of videos. Really, the craftsmanship and labor are very successful and to do it to the finest detail, this is a real art.
You have an amazing talent! I wish I could do this.
Just one word of caution. When using a chainsaw, please wear safety goggles. I know they are a pain, but your eyes are precious and without them you’d never be able to do this wonderful work.
Keep up the great work.
I wish I knew someone who does this by me. They had to cut down two trees from the front yard. I saved the big logs hoping to find someone like you. No luck
I am excited to see such masters, I thought you would like it, if you like it, it can help you to share and to recognize such talented people: 🙂

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