Pour 352 Pounds Epoxy! Amazing Chest of Drawers made of 160 kg Epoxy and Wood!

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For a minute there I thought it was a fish tank – tropical fish would love a beautiful environment but without all that plastic microscopic particles the human eye cannot see, that’s if such an aquarium is created.Just amazing! Machines will never replace human hand hard work doesn’t matter what, machines helps but will never replace! It was really satisfying to be honest. But I must sound like I am expecting a little bit of too much more. I was expecting it to be glow-in-the-dark kind of drawer. Love this too.OMG! Just when I thought I’ve seen it all.this is tomuch. So friggin Amazing!How am I going to concentrate on the TV when I have a much more interesting TV stand. If it were a bathtub I would stay in there for hours, being grateful for my great life. Please make a bathtub too. Please! really cool

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