Incredible Boards From A Rare Cedar

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Cedar tree is among the tree species that are curious with their features. Cedar is the name given to the coniferous tree species that form the Cedrus genus from the Pinaceae family. Their average lifespan is up to 1000 years, they can grow up to 40 meters in length and 2 meters in diameter.

The bud is very small and covered with few scales. Needles are generally triangular and have two adjacent resin channels in their horizontal section. The leaves are arranged one by one, sparsely and scattered on the long shoots, while the short shoots are in the form of tassels. The needles remain on the tree for 3-6 years without shedding.

A doll flowers are found in terminal form alone. Male flowers are cylindrical and 5 cm long, yellow and stand upright on short shoots. Female flowers are smaller. 1-1.5 cm, greenish color and fertilization occurs in the spring.

Cone matures in 26 months. Cones are generally barrel-like. It is almost sitting on the short shoot. It has a short and thick stem. When the cone flakes ripen, it disperses.

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