İdeas for chainsaw tools

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Husqvarna Chainsaw, efficient at sharpening, blade, sharpening, mall rocks, getting dull, sharpen it, sharpening skills, hold the saw, sharpen, stump of a tree, clamp the chainsaw bar, a big enough stump, use clamps, truck, clamping system for the chainsaw bar, truck’s tailgate, sharpening the blade, simple rack, motor and handle, old technology, used in boat building, eons, a simple cam, a rack, best measurement, depth of the cam, used Oak, Cam hardness, block of Oak, cut a place for the cam, small bandsaw, used sander, smooth handle, Drilling the holes, drilled block, Cam, opposite dimensions, holding block, cutaway, back side, cumbersome, reduce the weight, glued a small square block, stand off, stationary holding block, chainsaw’s blade, clamping device, mounting the chainsaw, sit askew, the jig, clamping, tailgate, truck, sharpen one side, blade, flip the jig, re-clamp and sharpen,

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