How to Remove a Tree Stump with a Wedge

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Day Everyone, here’s some info/knowledge about wedges I received that I thought was worth sharing here: Hi Mark, love your Youtube episodes and I’d just like to pay a little bit back and give some advice from an old man. I just watched your video on stump removal. ….. no, I’m not the fun police and gonna bang on about PPE …. What I’d like to say is next time you make wedges make them along the grain not across the grain because they’ll be stronger and won’t (shouldn’t) snap. Also, wedges are more efficient with an angle between 10 and 15 degrees. if the gap is too wide, two wedges opposing each other will work or use a block to fill the gap and a wedge.This vid came up in a search a week ago and now I find myself turning off my political news just to watch more of your vids while drinking my coffee. Then at night when watching live tv and I have to sit through commercials..
At any rate. Sometime in the near future I will make a short vid in response to show you what you helped to create in middle Tennessee USA.Where I live, you can get a whole electric chainsaw for around the same cost as just a new chain for a larger gas saw. If someone wants to do this and is worried about destroying an expensive saw, a cheap electric one could be an option to get the job done. Plus no messing around with gas and 2 stroke oil.

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