Great House Ideas and Space Saving Ingenious Designs

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Some of these ideas are cool. Though what will you do when you you have a blackout and you need clothes from your wardrobe and it won’t open cz it’s fully electronically controlled.Everything was cool but that ori tech can most likely malfunction whenever you are sleeping and will just squish you to death.Most of the items are way more expensive than your cheap apartment. has somebody found out how to keep the shoes closet smelling fresh, even with most non smelling dainty feet some odor residue does get build up with closed cupboards.Wow my peeps look like they been working for hours for these 2890 stuff,we are only in 2019 but its really cool but I wish you a good job on it I dont want it to pop in someones face. But still I wish I had that fire but insted of a fire place I have nothing because we live in a a apartment but we really close to get a house, I’m tired of apartments geez!

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