Great House Ideas and Space Saving Ingenious Designs

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The first one with the roof that removes itself… With the huge amount of both diffused and direct sunlight in that room it sure seems like it should have live green plants in it!Totally Awesome & functionable & soooo cool . Love the rectractable roof, metal bed ( kinda like a murphy’s bed ) starts like a cabinet that turns into a very modern durable framed bed, under the garage shelter , hopefully there’s no flooding .The fast forward curved stairway the half dozen (or dozen) guys put up,, what was that trying to prove exactly? In the lapsed time mode,, you didn’t show exactly the time & real effort it took to put it up,, then mostly important,, it’s nowhere close to any approved code anywhere. It’s got no rails,, balusters or Newel posts. Those are the hardest & time consuming things to install!

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