EXTREME Automatic Firewood Processing Machine, Homemade Modern Wood Cutting Chainsaw Machines

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I had to watch the entire thing, thought I would lose a hand if I tried to swipe to the next video. That being said, I still think I need a couple of stitches.And remember when working with hocus-pocus machinery it’s always safety last, and your safety glasses are not going to stop a large splinter from going through your throat.Who you have to be to design such a dangerous machine.I spent many a long hour with my dad cutting wood hauling logging hill sides and useing a bansaw till my ears didnt quit ringing till the next spring.The first one was pure genius. The others seem to be pure laziness. That one at approx 7:15 is pure madness. Overall some interesting machines. Good vid.Some scary stuff. Particularly all these men with their gloves on handling the wood. All that has to happen is a jagged splinter snags the glove and it takes your hand/arm right into the machine. Tight fitting leather gloves pulling you to destruction. No kill switches, so safety bars, just spinning knives and blades. Bad dreams are made of these things.

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