Dangerous Biggest Wood Cutting

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These type of logs were once found in Amani and Mazumbai in Tanga Region (Tanzania) in the 1980s and they use band saws to saw them the logs were Transported from the forest by SISU Trucks from Finland. I don’t think such big trees are still existing.i see the boots they use are steal toe,its like that in 2020 WY,1 slab of wood will pay for 10 pares of boots depend where that is going to be sold where i am will cost probably table like that 1200 euros or more and its no much more work,to make a table.do not know why and who digned the sawing system: Why it is vertical saw instead of horizontal saw? And why the trolley moves instead of the saw itself.If any of them gets under the saw blade, cripples and, at the same time, spoils the material to be sawn, then the only damage will be spoiled material … And we will regret the victim only we, well-fed, healthy, sitting in a comfortable chair, watching this video, and absolutely sure that that such a fate does not threaten us … and so his family will regret, having lost the breadwinner.

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