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Heavy Duty Structure provides years of use. High buoyancy ATV tires with sealed ball bearings for long life.The frame is specially designed to protect the tires from the impact of trees and other obstacles when moving logs on the track. The heavily welded slide link attaches to your chain, cable or lifting strap.Wrap it around the log, attach it to the slip ring and pull it forward. The forward movement raises the front of the log towards the arch rail and makes it easier to pull.Watch our video below to show you how this ATV Log Transporter can make your job easier and safer. Belt width opening is 23 inches wide. Weight capacity 1200 lbs.Overall size: 36 inches long, 54 inches long, 46 inches wide, 20 x 10.00-8 4-ply ATV tires.Comes with a standard pin style hanger or add our 2 “ball hanger adapter for quick attachment to your ATV for added convenience.It is easy to control when going downhill because the end of the log slips on the ground. It won’t “push” your ATV downhill.

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