Angle Grinder Hack, How to Make a Simple Water Pump

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Despite the affordable cost and a wide range of modern pumping equipment, some primitive models can be produced independently. And the point here is not just to acquire technical skills, but to exercise for some kind of relaxation, body and mind. After reading this article you will learn how to do it yourself water pump.

About the feasibility of a manual manufacturing
The main disadvantage of factory water pumps is the need to connect to power lines. We must agree that electricity is rare in many suburban areas, especially at the beginning of construction.

Moreover, electricity tariffs are constantly increasing, and cottage owners know the plight of the disconnects, not like others. Therefore, every self-respecting owner should have at his disposal “back-up” equipment for pumping water. Such equipment can be used not only when watering the garden and vegetable garden, but also at critical moments.

Attention! It is recommended to manufacture a piston water pump (or a pump pump also called) as it is the simplest form of water suction equipment. This will require only minimal technical skill and a small set of tools.

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