Amazing Modern Techniques Chainsaw Tree Felling and Woodturning Heavy Wood Sawmill Machine Working

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Its very funny that many people are reacting as if they never saw this happening. Its happening since ages and it will happen further as well. and its a small lump of entire trunk for the lamp you idiots, its not the entire trunk that made the lamp.

All of these people should never live in a house which has any wood, should never go on a road which has wooden barricade and never use wooden cutlery for cooking.

I think it’s not a crime to cut down every tree, unless the trees are cut according to their location and age, they won’t allow new saplings to grow.
Therefore, instead of getting angry at every tree cut, it is useful to think and research a little.
I feel it is necessary to underline that when we are against every tree cutting, what trees cannot be without trees in unmanned people.

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