Amazing Modern Techniques Automatic Wood Sawmill Machines Working – Biggest Heavy Wood Sawmill Skill

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Before one country starts calling another country take a look at your own and see how many faults you can find but there is someone out there who will disagree.So much technology with slave labor.
Without IPIS.
This already shows what kind of company it is if it does not comply with the technical safety standards with the employee, will it seriously comply with timber harvesting standards?Work was steady, pay & benefits were family-supporting but not nearly as satisfying as cutting raw wood with tgese machines would have been. Hat’s off to you guys!If it were in Brazil it was just a thin log of reforestation. Then they want to say that we are the one who destroyed everything. Do not tell me that some of these logs are like our 20 year old eucalyptus trees, there are at least about 100 there.We will have to develop France 🇫🇷, a country in which wood is wasted and abandoned until it rots. We should come and show that work is a good thing. Thank you for giving us your skills.

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