Amazing Modern Large Wooden Boat Production Process, Fastest Automatic Wood Sawmill Machines Working

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I don’t know, there seems to be a lot of corner cutting which will make replacing elements near impossible. So much glue between those planks, sure hope they don’t get any freshwater trapped in there. Regardless I am happy with more wooden boats out there, if you can mass produce these and make them competitive to steel or alloy ships then more power to you. Would have been nice to see a wooden mast but not many 50′ trees left in the world.I watched the lumber mill video with dispare. I worked summers in a mill in Northern Californua to pay for college in the 70s. There were dozens of hard, good paying jobs for people to support families with, now they’re all automated. Robots don’t need time off but they don’t buy houses, cars, or cell phones either.

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