5 Amazing Angle Grinder Attachments !!!

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All clever but the chainsaw attachment has no chain stop system for kickbacks and no clutch to prevent burnout of the motor in event of stalling dangerous at best and harsh on the angle grinder.An angle grinders rpms are way to hight for most of those attachment and just buy the right tool of the job even if it’s a really cheap one it’s still better that that.Why go to all the trouble of swapping and changing these parts around – they are bound to get lost . Just buy the right tool for the right job and have the bonus of, at the minimum, built in safety.
However, there is no cure for stupidity and ‘safety’ is anathema to some.ou’d need an unit with a speed control to very low rotation or an external voltage regulator. Indicating to the public that any grinder may work with these nits is quite misleading and very irresponsible. The fixed speed grinders have their rated speed at around 10000rpm. Even with a 10 to 1 gear in these attachments, it’s too fast for those applications. Although you can find a variable speed one with low end speed of 3~4000, they may still be too fast.

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