Making amazing Dowel jigs:No drill required!!

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I tried several attempts at making a dowelling jig last year with just a hand drill and finally gave up and bought an expensive factory made jig. If I had seen this video before I might have been able to make this instead.I just wanted to give you a Tip when cutting Plexiglas, if you turn the saw blade around backwards the plexiglass will chipless and get a much cleaner cut. I used to cut a lot of it in the 1980’s for Sign making, but now you can also buy a blade especially for Plexi, unless funds are right then turning it around will still give you really good results, just saying Thanks So Much for sharing. I would far rather make a tool then pay the hefty price tag of some of what the big guys what for their tools. Andrew at: Mr Good Wrench74.As always a neat, practical solution to a commonly required tool. I admire your no-nonsense approach to all of your tool builds. We’d all like to walk into Lee Valley (or equivalent) and drop a ton of money on super-deluxe tools, but I think making them the way you do is more satisfying. Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us. I look forward to the next video, whether it be a tool build or a project.

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