Unique idea from discarded boards!

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Wood is gold” is a dutch saying.. I didnt see any scrap wood over there.. And with all that equipment you have, i should be shamefull if it didnt end so beautiful.Amazing, I love the craftsmanship that leads to a simple, but highly functional piece of furniture! The video is also extremely efficient in how it shows it all comes together!He could do it all, but I went toward furniture making, we made some beautiful pieces. I still say nobody finished furniture like me, it was perfection. I’m old now, and I miss working with wood. I still love the smell of sawdust, lol, good memories. BTW I’m female.While this was really cool, I’m really pissed at myself for watching you make a table the whole fuckin time. I thought it was gonna be anything but a table. And it was a table. lol. Props for the awesome ingenuity tho.This is the first of your videos that I’ve watched, and I love the pace of this video and the brief pauses to highlight either the tool, hardware, or important detail. I’d also love to see a list of the tools used in the description, and a note on any home made jigs etc. I’m pretty new to wood working and still adding essentials to my toolbox and work bench.

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