Tree Cutting Fails And Idiots With Chainsaws

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Man that last guy is lucky not to be in a casket. Stay safe guys and respect the tree because they’ve killed and will kill again if you give them the opportunity.Like the guy who has his ladder resting on the part of tree he’s cutting down. Think I’ll start trimming trees, I don’t know what I’m doing either! Slightly used pickup truck. Nice condition and low milage. Cabin with custom aerodynamic improvements, for better fuel economy and very green air conditioning. Now come on people! Some of these trees had literally no where good to go once they fell. What do you think the tree’s going to do, float into outer space? Also if you are not sure about the tree, wouldn’t it make more sense to cut it into little 1′ or 2′ sections, not 25′ 10,000 lb sections? Some of this is just pure impatience mixed with inexperience. I’m no expert, but if I were having to do this I would be taking that tree down one little piece at a time.

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