The Impossible Floating Table !! (Tensegrity Dinner Table)

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It’s so cool that you did a large format version with two points taking weight – both of which I haven’t seen anyone else built yet! I had been wondering on both of those topics!I see how it works, but when I look at it I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. Very inventive and a real conversation piece. More a work of art than furniture.This is a very cool table! The physics of it are essentially just the same as a Spreader or Spreading device. The chain in the middle is tightened to force the top & bottom apart. And the two chains on the outsides, Are there to Control/ Preventing the top & bottom from being forced apart. Which creates tension, Resulting in there being a sufficient amount of the nessesary rigidity to support the table. Having similar force or pressure from a pushing force or a pulling force &/or both. And directing that force against each other or away from each will create that tension. Or having force directed in One direction and then creating a containment or restriction for that force singular force. Will create that same tension that is nessesary to make the table, Stable & Solid enough to use.Daha az gösterYANITLA

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