sawing a super large Mahogany with a circumference of 220 chopping a frame size 6×12.indonesian Mahogany sawing

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My friend, I remember I was a voluntary proposal, back in 2004 when my PT first worked for wood exfor. I’m proud to see that my brother is a somel bidder from 12 meters of wood up to two meters. Mahogany, who knows it is a match, is also my boss. The saw is really good, how many millions if you buy sansaw milling woodworking machine like a boss. 3 meters long, around 10, how many you sell, too many branches & big, the location is close to the village road, the top is around 19:00 from the street … Yesterday I cut a big teak tree to 50 million, how come my video. Sawmills with super large Mahogany circumference with 220 joinery frames in 6×12 size. Indonesian Mahogany cutting

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