Ruler Marking Gauge

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The difference between the two versions is the difference in price you see in tools in the big box stores. Such as Milwaukee vs Black n Decker or Bosch vs Holt. He shows the DIYer it can be done. Then hey shows the the experts what they can achieve. Inspiring to both audiences.I made a marking gauge with your design and it worked perfectly. Thank you for your so precise work and simple designs that work so well.Both were Brilliant!! But that 2nd one was just showing off! I love your designs and your craftsmanship! I like to watch even when I know I don’t have the tools to make it. I just discovered your channel, but will be making my way through all of your videos. Although the first one is much more affordable to make. In my case, I just started learning woodworking and don’t have power tools at all, just a drill. I know drills are amazing and you can do a lot of things with them, but I don’t have a CNC and I still have to learn a lot of things. As of today, I think I prefer the first one because is the one I can fabricate with my own hands and much more affordable tools.

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