How To Make A Power File || Angle Grinder Hack

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Im a bit concerned of the way it’s attached. Its essentially attached to the grinder by the small screw that clamps the guard to the body. I’d suggest making a bracket to bolt it to the handle location on the side of the grinder.This is great, gives me a lot of ideas. I have on question for improvement, have you found that it can be hazardous without a guard to prevent the band from flying off due to tension when moving left or right? I was thinking if there was a way to weld a two large gapped washers, one fitting each baring, that it could act as a gate for the sand paper band. Maybe as well, cut out a bit larger and longer of a wooden cylinder, and then where the band lays, cut the middle dimension a bit skinner, so that the rotating bed for the band will act more as a shell. It tries to slip off the sides, but can’t because of the walls.

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