How to make a 3-ways dowel jig

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Just made one this morning, works great! All my dowels were perfectly registered. The only building mistake I made was not routing the registration groove far enough to the drill guide, the jig is more useful if you bring it as close a possible.Simple, mais redoutable d’efficacité et de précision. En plus très bien filmé, au plus près du travail. Pas besoin de discours, les images suffisent.This is by far the cleanest workshop I’ve ever seen, both physically and on YouTube. Your work is also very well thought through and precise. The video is crisp and everything is nicely in focus. I have definitely learned a thing or two from you. I would try to apply them in my channel’s videos as well.othing more to say, i was running decorative glass company in dubai, my stained glass workers were carpenters, I personally hired them, company GM asked me why? It took him few months to understand, carpenters are like great creative engineers trust me .giv them any work, thy will do with perfection, end of the day it’s all calculations, my personal regards n appreciation to ur great skills

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