How lumber is made in Sawmill Factory – Huge Douglas Fir Logs to Lumber

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Wow! The size of that bandsaw blade. And the first cut on that log amazing. What is the dimension on that board 2′ x 40′? It is ginormous. Just imaging the wode plank flooring you could make with that.91-92 I worked in a woodshop, making cabinets, bar stools, stools, chairs & such, mostly everytime we got in a new shipment of wood we’d have to contend with big ass wasp smh..there are four products that come out of the Hull Oaks mill Woodchips, 2x4s, Specialty Wood, and Railroad Ties. Woodchips are the bark and sawdust from the mill they are collected via belts under the mill and dumped into a bin and placed in a chip truck to take them to the paper plant or Home Depot to sell as paper or gardening mulch. 2x4s are the outside edges of the log they are cut to size on the gang trimmer. Specialty Lumber are the edgings they are sold to flooring plants and home centers as moldings. Last but not least Railroad Ties are the heart of the tree the stronger the better thats how the railroads like them.

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