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The hand crafted using only chisels and hand saws looks very nice. I am very impressed by their level of craftsmanship. Unfortunately who can you find that will be able to afford the cost of making furniture by hand?
By using power tools and a CNC router I can sell the same quality of work and make a profit. Things that people will buy.Anyone can be an amazing Carpenter with power tools. Props to the old schoolmasters back in the day who did it without electricity. They’re the true artisans.You look at all these unfinished carpenters and you think technologists are absurd. All these veneers, lamellas, grooves were invented when there were no normal materials and tools. And now, when there is everything of high quality and necessary, they show “what kind of masters they are.” We spent quality money on expensive machines and tools, order high-quality dried but expensive wood materials.
Especially touches when heaped grooves are made. Then a kilogram of glue, then wedge. And to top it off, a self-tapping screw with a nail.
Why show it? Tight holes on drilling machines, grooves in microns? Heroes of their big wallets.

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