Extremely Dangerous Homemade Firewood Cutting Machines & Log Splitter Operation !

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Some where the total opposite of dangerous, like the totally caged off, auto in feed and auto out. notice most of the splitters don’t have to go all the way through to split, so even if your hands are close but on the side of the log no problem. But i guess it only takes one time misplaceing the finger and the finger will be misplaced.Try Australian hardwood. It is much harder than the wood in this vid. A 4 inch ram at 2500 psi will bog at 1 cut with one 3 inch blade. In the small pieces they cut that in it sure will not burn for very long. I would like to know which one of those was extremely dangerous. Most of them weren’t anymore dangerous than an ax, or a sledgehammer and wedge.’ve seen only one extremely dangerous machine, other seem relatively safe to me.
Every tool can be a little dangerous, even a simple screwdriver, if you are very clumsy or totally unskilled with handy works.
This title is from someone who is a total office worker and the most dangerous tool he encounters is a pen

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