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The fattest bear was chosen

The "747" bear, located in the US's Alaska State, in the Stevei National Park and Conservation Area, was chosen as the "fattest bear" among 2 thousand 200 brown bears within the scope of "Fat Bear Week", which has become an international

Skull wall pierced during Covid test

While the Covid-19 smear test was being performed on a woman in the USA, the skull wall was punctured. While a new type of corona virus (Covid-19) swab test was performed on a woman in her 40s in the USA, the skull wall was

US President Trump taken to military hospital

The White House reported that US President Donald Trump, who caught Covid-19, will be taken to the hospital for precautionary purposes and will stay here for a few days. Speaking before leaving the White House, Trump said, "I think I'm

New quarantine decision from England

Britain's Transport Minister has announced that Poland, together with Turkey removed from the same list. Increasing cases were shown as justification. Accordingly tourists who visited Turkey two weeks will be quarantined when they