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The Svetruck shown was not in a container loader configuration, it was a log loader. Svetrucks usually don’t have hooks and are used more in container yards and log and industrial yards than in construction. The mulcher is another issue. You cannot just put a mulcher on any vehicle with the right horsepower, the one shown requires a PTO connection which only tractors and very few trucks have, excluding load capacity. Valtra also doesn’t make sweepers, they make tractors which tow the sweeper machines. Finally, the “crusher” is not a crusher but it is a horizontal grinder. A crusher doesn’t use cutting discs, it crushes the material against a metal plate or it hits it with flails like in an impact mill.Ever heard of the german stellarator fusion reactor? It has superconducting magnets chilled to almost absolute zero, and it creates plasma that is 100 million degrees fahrenheit. (4 times the temperature of the center of sun) It is meant to create energy, but that won’t be until centuries from now.

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